Our Mission

We introduce new products to the Japanese market. Our mission is to introduce not only the products themselves, but also the stories and thoughts behind them that could inspire people and influence individuals and the society of Japan.

Sales Channels

We are engaged in B2B sales.
We distribute new brands to major Japanese grocery stores, department stores, restaurants, hotels and more.


We work with professionals such as beauticians, nutritionists, opinion leaders and more. New products are evaluated by specialists’ and we collaborate with them to find the perfect fit into the Japanese market.


We reach out to the end users through mass media and social media. Our connections to influencers and mass media will be crucial in finding a customer base for the new products.


The Japanese food industry is strictly regulated. We create the required labels, packaging, and instructions if necessary to comply to the law.

Customer care

We provide our customers with customer service from purchase to use if needed. We take pride to represent new brands and convey their concepts to our customers. Japanese customers have high standards when it comes to customer service and we can provide this in order to build a great reputation of your brand in Japan.